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What We Do

At IAM Brands Interactive, we are here to serve all of your digital and creative needs. Through our products and services, you can reach the consumers with ease and get them to notice your company in an effective and efficient manner. From social media campaigns to print marketing, IAM Brands Interactive is by your side.When you choose IAM Brands Interactive for your business needs you will gain access to a wide array of services including the following.

Interactive Media Services

Our interactive media services will get your business noticed and help you to increase your customer base

Website Design and Development Services

We know how to create the perfect website for your company.

Graphic Design Services

IAM Brands Interactive offers graphic design services including logo creation, brochures, catalogs, letterhead, banners and more.

Video Services

Video services offer an ideal way to put your ideas into motion and draw in the clients, new and old, with ease.

Social Media Services

Social media marketing is one of the easiest and most productive methods for drawing in new clients.

Email Marketing Services

Reach current and future clients easily with our email marketing services and lot more you can avail from us.

Marketing Services

IAM Brands Interactive through its marketing team will show you how to make the most out of your business through various advertising methods.

Corporate Identity Services

With the right corporate identity services, your company will gain plenty of customers who were drawn to you simply by your name. IAM Brands Interactive knows how to make this happen.

Consulting Services

When you bring IAM Brands Interactive into your company to help you to improve your image and find better ways to get your message out there, you will see a difference almost immediately.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization, or SEO, draws people to your website and gets you noticed in a virtual realm. Our SEO service team knows how to make your webpages call out to the masses.

PPC Services

Pay-per-click campaigns, or PPC, enable your company to advertise on a wide array of websites. This type of program makes it possible to get your name out there with little or no work on your part.

IAM Events

Our Events team can turn your next corporate function into a fabulous event. Contact us to learn more about all of our IAM event services.


IAM Brands Interactive is a full-service, global interactive and digital marketing agency. We have offices in Houston, Washington, DC and Los Angeles. We offer a one-stop solution for all of your branding, mobile strategy/development and marketing needs. Whether your business is a large corporate entity or a small privately-owned business, our interactive and digital marketing solutions integrate with your business and technology needs. Our unique proposition is that we are truly interactive with our customers by focusing on your business problems and needs and less on selling a marketing or technology solution. A complete interactive marketing company For its customers, IAM Brands Interactive provides project resource tools such as BaseCamp, which a project management and collaboration tool that provides the customer with access to project communications, track tasks, milestones, etc in ONE environment to keep you engaged throughout the project. Why are we the right interactive marketing company for you? Our experiences and skillsets bring a “unique” proposition to customers. IAM Brands Interactive “secret sauce” is that we focus on identifying your business problems and needs, and less on selling a marketing or technology solution. We believe technology is an “enabler” to your business and not the overall solution. Once we understand your business needs, then we “customize” our services in a highly effective and targeted manner. What makes IAM Brands Interactive effective for its customers is how we keep a very targeted focus on the key areas of our company (marketing, mobile, internet, branding) by creating value with strategic partners or building the services internally. The growth of the company depends on our strong ability to execute on a larger and more global platform. We look to utilize the very services we offer our customers to strengthen our brand and services in the global market. Are you ready for your brand to have a global and presence and be found by the major search engines? If you need more information on how we can market your business and help you to succeed, feel free to browse our website, call us at 888-746-8383 or request a price quote. Thanks for visiting!
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    The IAM Brands Interactive Approach

    When you choose IAM Brands Interactive for your technology and marketing needs, you are gaining a company which operates on the principle that the customer deserves to get all that they ask for and more. We take your vision and produce results which provide your company with the best final product. Whether you need stellar web design for your site or a successful social media marketing campaign, we have the solutions for you. Our professionals will tailor each project to suit the individual client perfectly. You ask, we deliver…every time.





Our Methodology


We begin the Define Phase by discussing the requirements for your project and provide a timeline, process and planning to meet your needs. We then gather all your requirements and provide a technology solution based on your business needs.


We begin the Design Phase by providing wireframes, mockups and eventually final designs of the solutions per your requirements and business needs.


We use the final designs (PSDs) from the previous phase and begin developing your solution per your requirements and business needs.


Once development is complete, we deploy your solution on the desired platform per your requirements and business needs.



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